Summer equals fun in the sun , but lets not forget the 6 S's in summer fun and the necessity to err on the side of caution.

Yes we all need some sun and there is no doubt that a little colour makes us look healthier and slimmer (yes, you know what I mean), however these days one truly has to be-careful and be wise about how long to spend in the sun, and also which products you apply on your face and body to protect yourself from the suns rather harsh rays.

Yes, we do get and need Vitamin D from the sun , however 20 minutes of sun exposure will give your more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) so there is no excuse to lie baking for hours at a time.


Did you know that you can do a mini spa treatment on yourself at the beach? Yep, there is nothing like a quick foot exfoliation and/or body exfoliation.

Stand in the shallow water and gently rub the sand over your entire body , for your feet sit in the really shallow water and grab a handful of the sea sand and rub over your heals vigorously to remove dead skin and rinse. Afterwards make sure to re-apply your Sunscreen over your entire body.


The sea is great to heal wounds and invigorate the body. Salt has been used for centuries to detox , heal and restore the bodies well being and what is better than a gentle swim in the ocean.


I cannot stress enough the need for shade on the beach. Shade offers relief from the direct rays of the sun , but does not filter out the sun completely (please be-careful).
If you are planning a day on the beach, an umbrella is a must to protect you and your family, I find it is a great way of "marking" your territory on the beach.

Wear a hat at all times to prevent your face  getting sunburnt , especially in the case of little children.
***Did you know that most of the sun damage is done to our skins from birth to about the age of 7yrs.


Now here is a good reason to go and spoil yourself , did you know that you can burn the retina in your eyes by looking at the sand (especially white sea sand) , it is a similar condition to 'snow blindness' and over time it causes Cataracts on the eyes and other growths. Invest in a good pair of Sunglasses and look after your eyes you only get one pair.


We all smother our kids in Sunscreen , take care of the hubby and then burn ourselves to a crisp... No! No! No!

Please ensure that your sunscreen has both sun filters, and reflectors this gives you double the protection and also helps to prevent absorption of the suns rays into your skin.

Here are some of my favourites ...

A quick guide to help you remember ...

UVA Rays - Ages the skin
UVB Rays - Burns the skin
UVC Rays - Cancer causing rays

** Did you know that a tan is actually your bodies reaction to protect the skin and that when you burn and blister it is almost equivalent to scarring the skin.

Most skin damage surfaces over the span of a lifetime and gets progressively more visible. Please be wise and take care of your skin, the number of skin cancer patients reported every year is now nearing 1 in every 5 people , chronic if you really think about it!

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