Budget beauty is so important to me, because even when we can afford more of the luxury type products there comes a time in everyone's life where we look for good quality and affordable products. How much more exciting is it when you find a range that is superior quality , affordable , green and locally made ... in this instance NATURALS BEAUTY .....

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NATURALS BEAUTY use only the finest raw materials and essential oils in their products. The products are manufactured in the quaint little town of Riebeeck Kasteel, and include some of the indigenous Cape Essential Oils such as Cape Chamomile ( a blue camomile of which there are only 2 in the world) and Cape Geranium.

The NATURALS BEAUTY products that are free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals. They do not test the products on animals, nor are any of their source products tested on animals.



This is a fabulously rich milk cleanser which is thick in texture but spreads evenly over the skin. On application you will experience distinct wafts of Lemongrass and Ginger. It has a wealth of fabulous ingredients such as Sutherlandia and Cucumber for radiance and Avocado Oil to hydrate.

I loved the texture and I find in summer I really enjoy a milk cleanser to give my skin a 'proper' cleanse , only oil can dissolve oil . It also acts as a fabulous eye make-up remover for those that like multitasking products.

Thick , soft , smooth and creamy. Exactly what a Milk Cleanser should be.

Effecacy in cleansing
My skin was soft smooth and clean of ALL make-up including waterproof Mascara

Is a soft and fabulous fragrance of Lemongrass.

My skin loves this product and it comes in a fabulous 'flip top' cap for ease of use.The size makes it great for travel. I will be buying this again as my skin is soft. clean and pores have been minimized.

Retails at R77.00 for 120ml

NATURALS BEAUTY - Hydrating Masque

I love how this creamy masque is green in colour and reminds me of all the romantic 'chic flicks' where the girls opens the door and the man of her dreams is on the other side, only one problem she has a green face ...he he he

This is a hydrating and purifying masque with two of Africa's finest ingredients , extracts of Rooibos( a great anti-oxidant) and Cape Chamomile.

Is thick and creamy but as it smoothes over it covers the skin and does dry slightly.

It left the skin feeling hydrated , soft and comfortable and it definitely reduced the redness in my skin.

I enjoyed the masque and it really did do the job as promised, but I must be honest and say, 'as a rule' I don't really like the feel of a cream masque, they tend leave me feeling claustrophobic due to the dense feeling and definite presence on my skin. We had a good giggle and enjoyed ourselves when I did this with a friend so that she could distract me.

I loved the product. However because of personal texture preference, I would not buy this again.

Retails at R97.00 for 50ml.

Overall I enjoyed the products which were supplied by Tanya at Naturals Beauty. I am super impressed with the affordability and the personal service. You can see this is a family run business from the personalized attention and service.

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Tanya du Bois on tanya@naturalsbeauty.co.za 
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