Ever since Essence first appeared on the market in South Africa I have been captivated by the cute and whimsical little ranges or 'looks' that get launched regularly.

On a recent visit to our local Dischem I was browsing the bath and body aisle, whilst mumsy was looking through the make up section.

Little did I know that she planned to spoil me, you see I have been eyeing two make-up products from the Metal Glam Range by Essence as well as the metallics range from Catrice, more specifically the gold and/or bronze shadows (as I have an obsession).

Mumsy was so sweet, she bought me two of the Metal Glam Shadows and a Kajal pencil from Essence when I wasn't looking, and presented it ever so timidly when we got home.
 Here is what I thought ....

#Review - Metal Glam Eyeshadow in - Coffee on the Glow

I think the biggest disappointment with these shadows proved to be, the fact that the super shiny and metallic shadow was only a thin veil on the surface of the actual mono shadow, which is shiny but not super metallic as expected.
Colour deposit
Fair to medium , this is not a very dark colour and still the coverage is not solid, but rather opaque with a slight iridescence to it.

Metallic shimmer
Not satisfactory, according to the suggestion by the name or by the thin veil covering the product.... giving the illusion of much more sparkle. (see my image below).

Would I buy this again?
No , I will make use of the product that mumsy bought, as I can actually use it for more of a nude look with slight shimmer but it is not on my hit list (a first with Essence for me).

You can see here how
light the pigment is and where I swatched the shadow reveals the true colour of the shadow. Nothing compared to the surface colour.

#Review - Metal Glam Eye Shadow in - Chocolate Jewelery

I just love the rich brown of this shadow, and again it gives the illusion of a fabulous shimmery chocolate  alas, not so.

Colour deposit
Fair to medium , this is a dark colour yet the coverage is not solid but rather medium with a slight shimmer to it.

Metallic shimmer
Not satisfactory according to the name or the thin veil covering the product giving the illusion of more sparkles and shine. ( see my image below).

Would I buy this again?
Maybe(not sold on it). I will make use of the product for now as I can actually use it for more of a nude look with the above shadow for daytime ( very disheartened in this line though).

Again you can see above how matte the actual shadow is.

Here are the rest of the colours in the range ...


#Review - Kajal Pencil Eyeliner in TAUPE ME

Now this is a little gem of a pencil , it's a little 'old school', in that you need to have sharpener on hand but otherwise it is great.

Smooth and creamy , it glides on easily.

It stays put for at least 4 hours , you might need to touch up again thereafter.

Colour deposit
It gives a good solid line , it can also be smudged for the smokey look or just to soften.

Would I buy this again?
Yes definitely, I love both the colour and the texture. This is a great budget buy.

So there you have it , I guess it just proves once again the necessity of testers to avoid disappointment.
x x x H