Firstly let me say that I am already a fan of Dove’s Cucumber Deodorants both the roll on and the spray versions, so I was very excited to see this beauty inside my box just waiting, begging to be tested.

The packaging is very attractive with its sleek lines and teardrop shape. I particularly love that it is a flip top cap and with the enticing picture of cucumber and green tea it would be difficult to mistake the fragrance.
**I did however find the flip top to be very small and difficult to flip up once my hands were wet.

The texture
The product is pale green in colour, at first glance the product has the consistency of a body lotion and I found myself actually double checking that it was a shower product and not a body moisturiser.
It applies smoothly and covers quite a large area at a time.

Foaming action
This is where the product differs from the conventional shower product, in that it has a soft foaming action with fewer bubbles whilst still leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth and fabulously fragranced. I believe in some countries cucumber is considered to attract the attention of men (watch out ladies).

Overall I really loved this product it left my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable even without the application of a body moisturizer, in part I am sure to the new trademarked Nutrium Moisture technology. I love the lingering fragrance and I was tempted to run off to the store and buy the cucumber deodorants immediately (all because of the fabulous fresh cucumber and green tea scent).

Despite testing a similar product recently Dove came out hands up the winner.  As an absolute shower addict, I would highly recommend this product. 
This will now be a must have on my shopping list.
** I did find 250ml to rather a small size for a shower product though.