I just love any customized beauty and so RAIN 's latest concept just tickles my sweet spot. RAIN recently launched a new store in Cavendish Square (Cape Town) , I was spoilt with a super treatment called The Elephant Walk , you can read more about it HERE, however I also stumbled across a new concept of theirs.

A Scrub Deli ....

This little corner of the shop allows you to customize a a scrub blend to suit your mood , your need and your body.
Rain had the following to share about the history of Body Scrubs ....

' The ancient Egyptians, masters of skin preservation and mummification were the originators of body and skin exfoliation. Have you seen how good those mummies still look after thousands of years ? Well, that is all thanks to exfoliation !'

This little self-help bar consists of the following 4 ingredients:

  1. Oil
  2. Active
  3. Essence
  4. Base 
virgin jojoba waxsimmondsiachinensis
A light textured deeply penetrating oil which most closely
resembles the skin’s natural sebum
organic rosehip oil rosarubignosa
Anti ageing and tissue regenerating properties
cold pressed avocado oil perseagratissima
A rich nutritious oil for dry dehydrated mature skin
sweet almond oil prunusamygdalus
Softens and smoothes the skin.
grapeseed oil  vitisvinifera
Repairing and rejuvenating properties
green tea, bran & almond medium fine
Almond is high in vitamin E & omega oils & is an effective emollient & lubricant. Bran is a useful scrub medium and green tea contains polyphenols which are thought to improve health.
apricot, loofah& ginger ultra fine
Ginger’s healing properties are legendary  along with
loofah& apricot kernel it aids circulation.
lavender, poppy & tea tree fine
Cleansing, antiseptic & anti-bacterial properties.
rooibos, walnut & rosehip coarse
Rooibos brings anti-oxidant properties, while Rosehip, which is high in Omega 3 & 6 works on stretch marks, wrinkles & skin blemishes
jasmine, rose &cedarwood  for dry skin
grapefruit, bergamot & ginger  for oily skin
basil, lime & mint  for combination to oily skin
lavender, eucalyptus &cedar for normal to dry skin
african scrub  medium
mineral scrub not for face
detox base detoxifying & lymph drainage
cellulite base legs & buttocks
All of these are then packaged in a cute Cardboard Carrier Box (recycled) ...Body Scrub to go anyone?

If however this really proves to be far too confusing for you , there are pre-packed options  so fear not.

Spoil yourself and shed a little ....dead skin.
Prices vary according to your choice of ingredients.