I recently received a fabulous new product in one of my Rubyboxes , a new underarm product called Shield Clinical Protection.
Now please forgive me if I was rather skeptical when I first laid eye on this product. I am not a small animal , add onto that the fact that I am a naturally excessively hot person and you'll understand that I struggle to stay fresh and odorless on an active and/or hot day. Thus the skepticism... after trying products for more than 20 years with no success.

However after chatting to very close friend of mine, who also happens to get the Rubybox and hearing her rave about the product I began to waiver, eventually giving in and trying the product for myself. Here's what I thought ....

#Review - Shield Clinical Protection Deodorant Cream in Shower Fresh
This product contains a unique TRIsolid formula which is said to interact with the body forming a deep level of odor protection. It is recommended to apply it at night prior to going to bed , thus allowing for maximum benefit ( it can however be applied in the morning).

- 48hr Protection
- Reduces underarm odor and wetness
** Especially formulated for people who suffer with excessive sweating. 

Packaging - It comes in a handy applicator , which requires turning in order to push up the creamy product which then emerges through a flower shaped looking mesh ... ready for application. It Provides firm and high quality packaging , easy to operate and great in the hand.

Texture - This product is a cream formulation and only a little is required on application as it spreads quite far. It does not leave the skin sticky, but rather silky smooth. It has withstood both my body odor and personal durability tests. This product gives you a definite 48hr top ranking deodorant, performance guaranteed.

Fragrance - I have as yet to smell the other fragrances, but I love the shower fresh (which I tested) it is soft , feminine and not at all powdery (thank heavens).

I absolutely love this product and it is officially my new best friend, I will never be without it again.

Here are some of the other options available ...

Thank you Rubybox and Unilever.
x x x H