Yes! This is gonna be a LUSH ...GUSH!

Every opportunity I get to wander in and around a Lush store I seize with open arms. I just love the concept of this store , the fabulous and funky bath time treats and also the freshly made products bar.

The last time I visited Lush I somehow managed to land up buying a Snow Fairy Body Wash and Candy Mountain Bubble bar ( I just don't know how it happened ...tee hee) you can read my reviews on them HERE.

               BUBBLE BARS = ADDICTION!!

There is always so much to explore , just look at these gorgeous soaps which you can buy by the slice and pay according to the weight.

But you wouldn't want to miss out on the fabulous shower products such as the WHOOSH SHOWER JELLY (on my wishlist).... it looks like oooey goooey goodness (fun times ahead)

Or what about your face?? Yes they have fabulous fresh facial masks that are made daily, these delights rest on a bed of ice just waiting for you to drop by and scoop one up ...come on I know you want to!

Oooooh did I see 'Cupcake'??

But wait ......

We are not finished with the body yet ......what plops in the bath and goes fiszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
Yes Bath Bombs and bath bombs galore!
So by now you think the parties over right? WRONG!!

Have you seen the fabulous selection of body buffer bars , or sparkly body butter bars , or Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (TOP SELLER - on my wish list) and loads more.....
 So lastly I came across these gorgeous beauties, otherwise known as Shampoo Bars ... which so reminded me of Macarons ...
Lush really has a huge selection and despite the humor of this post , it really is worth a visit and a sniff, in Cape Town there are branches at Cavendish Square and at the V & A Waterfront , otherwise you can order online.

The Grand Finale , this fabulous slab of soap at the door of the V & A Waterfront shop ... a rainbow of clean.
I sure hope you enjoyed this LUSH GUSH
x x x H