If you are anything like me you know the value of a long soothing shower or a deep soak in the tub.  

These little escapes are usually paired with only the best in body pampering treats for example body scrubs , bath melts , bath fizzies and so on. A feast for the senses and a nightmare for the drains.

So now what? I am not prepared to give up all my favourite pampering bath treats such as ...

Hey Gorgeous's                                                                   Rain Africa's -
 Chocolate Orange Body Scrub                                                                            Earth Eggs

Naturals Beauty - 
White Sugar Scrub

Well ladies, here is where you resist the temptation to throw a tantrum. Put down the Diva's delicious bath treats for a moment ... and mosey on down to the local hardware store.

Buy yourself a tub or two of 'CAUSTIC SODA' now this is not to be handles lightly is it is highly Alkaline in nature and will burn your skin if it touches the naked skin.

So here is your shopping list:

2 x tubs CAUSTIC SODA (always get two just in case , saves you a 2nd trip)
1 x safety gloves
1 x safety glasses
1 x safety mask

Yep girls, we are getting the D.I.Y down! Just sounds scary but rather always be safe than sorry , after all R200 as opposed to the plumber at R380/hr ?



Step 1
- Pour approx 1 handful of the CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES into the plug and/or over the plug area ( the more you can get down the pipe the better) Use an old spoon to do this DO NOT!! TOUCH WITH YOUR HANDS

Step 2
- Boil the kettle

Step 3
- Take the kettle to the drains plug , PUT ON YOUR SAFETY MASK & GOGGLES and pour a slow constant stream of boiling water over the drain plug. STAND BACK AND DO NOT BREATH IN THE STEAM OR FUMES.
Your drain will gurgle , bubble and splutter VIGOROUSLY!! You will note all the muck rise and then recede.
- Pour more boiling water ensure all CAUSTIC SODA has washed away and leave for an hour before rinsing the bath or drain.

** PS. The Caustic Soda degrease's , gets rid of sludge and grime. It also dissolves hair build-up. However  for this you might need to do the above treatment more than once.


Disclaimer - The above recommendations are to be done at your own risk , Femme Lifestyle accepts no liability and/or responsibility for the above suggestions at all!