It's no secret that I have loved LUSH COSMETICS for sometime , in fact since I spent time in the UK some 12 years back.

The other day I managed to venture through the LUSH store at the V & A Waterfront and I must say I far prefer the open airy feel of this shop as opposed to the Cavendish counterpart. I will however do a separate blog on all the fabulous eye candy at LUSH (watch this space).

On my visit my rubber arm was twisted to buy a few candy fragranced favorites , my will power could just not withstand it. I did however curb my addiction with only two small pleasures ...a feat well accomplished all considered.

All LUSH products are handmade and the batches have the persons name on and the batch dates of manufacture and expiration, a cute touch. Mine was made by a Mohammed ( yes a dude!)

Here are my LUSH-ious splurges ...

#Review - SNOW FAIRY (Limited Edition) Shower Gel

This is a fabulous and pink girly delight , here's what I thought ...

Packaging - Cute and Girly and just perfect for a gift. Comes with a fabulous flip top and there are 3 sizes to choose from 100gr , 250gr and 500gr. This means you can spend as little or as much as you want on your spoil.

Texture - is a fairly runny consistency which foams quickly, and seems to go quite far despite my heavy hand in the shower. Has a slight shimmer to the product.
** My shimmer wasn't that great as the blob of shimmer is at the bottom of the bottle , however remember these products are handmade after all.

Fragrance - Is that of Candy Floss and Pear Drops. It is a feast of soft , sweet and enveloping candylishciousness. I had to laugh as my cats couldn't stop smelling me , the one even tried licking me (Mischka's seal of approval).

Overall I loved this little bottle of treasure and feel it would be a great stocking filler or gift for a little girl with a fairy wand to match.

I bought the 100gr which retails for R55.00



A pretty, triangular shaped bar designed to be crumbled into the bath under running water, to produce a fabulous bath filled with fragrant bubbles and soft water. ( A mixture between a bath bomb, a bath melt and bubble bath), swirls of pink and white.

Packaging - These little gems come packaged in the infamous yellow LUSH paper bags which are Eco-friendly and recyclable. The have a fabulous sticker on the outside with the name of the contents and the necessary dates. ( not the prettiest but certainly unmistakeable if you are familiar with the brand)

Texture - Is firm but crumbly , unique in it's hand molded appearance and rawness. Here is where I did something different too , as mentioned these bars are meant to be crumbled into the bath ...I don't bath, I shower but I refuse to miss out and so I used this like a mini bar of soap , wetting myself down and rubbing the bar on my wet skin. It was fun playing with the pink streaks and watching it bubble and froth and I managed to get 5 showers with my bubble bar ( so take that Mr.Bath).
** It did leave my skin a little drier than normal , a good reason to buy some Ro's Argan Body Conditioner maybe *giggles into hand*

Fragrance - Is soft and lingering Candy Floss ,  but not as pleasant as the Snow Fairy( maybe the Pear Drops?).

I really enjoyed this bar and now that I have experimented with using it in the shower , I know that I will be visiting LUSH and trying them all over time.

This bar cost R29.95
(or around about there) but the bars vary from R24.95 - R49.95 or there about.