At best we are a world that poo poo’s the idea that beauty may be linked to sleep, mainly due to the modern lifestyle that requires a minimum of sleep, and a maximum output of activity. It is in this frantic lifestyle that the western women get caught between achieving in the work place, and coping as a wife and/or mother.

The reality ladies, is that in actual fact we do require a certain amount of sleep and quality sleep at that. If we do not get an adequate amount of sleep the evidence is immediately visible both on our facial features as well as in our demeanor.

Why do I need Beauty Sleep?
Humans actually require a minimum of 7-8hours of proper rest per night in order to function, anything less is not sufficient, and will soon become visible as strain, dark circles under the eyes and premature ageing.
You see our body processes kick into gear at night as soon as we fall asleep, our body metabolizes proteins, our skin starts repairing and restructuring itself after the days damage, caused be stress , the environment and the sun.

So what does a lack of sleep look like?
-          Dark Circles under the eyes and puffiness
-          Creases lines causing wrinkles on the face due to restless sleep
-          Dull , sallow and lack luster skin


So what does well rested skin look like?
-          Radiant
-          Even skin tone
-          Firm with minimal lines
-          Balanced

It is also shocking to note that a lack of sleep has been medically proven to aid and/or result in obesity. Lack of sleep is also a huge contributor to diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, depression and loads more.

So here are some handy and helpful guidelines on how you can improve your quality of sleep...

-          Try and establish a regular sleep pattern ie. Go to sleep and rise at the same time every day, your body becomes accustomed to this and will function much better.
-          Ensure you are sleeping in a totally dark room so that there is no movement of light and shadow, this allows you to get deep and quality R.E.M sleep.
-          Do not eat and/or exercise after 8pm
-          Get a smooth pillow such as a Satin pillow this prevents skin drag and unnecessary wrinkles.

Whilst life remains a constant juggle of responsibilities versus healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep, the fact remains that without enough and god sleep you cannot function properly and neither can your skin. So set aside the time to get yourself, your husband and your kids into a healthy lifestyle...
that will leave you beautiful, rested and with energy to face each day fresh and invigorated.