I was recently spoilt by an angel named Leana she is an agent of  HEY GORGEOUS products and truly is a special person. When I got a message in my inbox to say that she had a present for me I was over the moon...why? Well if you have ever seen the full range of HEY GORGEOUS products which are all decadent foodie inspired body treats( they do have skin care too), you too would have done the *happy dance*

HEY GORGEOUS - Coconut Body Scrub Bliss
So let me start of by explaining how fabulous this scrub smells ....... 
Have you ever mixed a fresh batch of vanilla cookies, as you stir in the vanilla essence/extract you get that warm, creamy and delicious cookie dough smell with a hint of soft,chewy coconut? Yep thats the smell ... omw!!

So now that I am in the shower and ready to use this fabulous sugar based body scrub , I scoop my hand into it, there are fabulous fine sugar crystals interspersed with soft fleshy dessicated coconut and yummy cookie smelling oils to nourish and hydrate the skin after the scrub has washed off. What I noticed was that the oils emulsified well in the water, but still left some residual loveliness behind, and I enjoyed the finer sugar texture as opposed to a salt.

I really enjoyed this scrub and my skin felt so hydrated afterwards , the scrub itself had good traction on my skin so I could scrub longer without all the product falling off.
** my only worry is that the coconut tends to block my drain :(

I would highly recommend this scrub to use all winter long.

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