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Modern day stress, fast food eating, stress levels and constant pressure had led to a whole new generation of health problems. Gynecomastia is the very upsetting phenomena known as ‘Man Boobs’ or ‘Moobs’.

This condition can cause a lot of discomfort especially as the physical onset is usually in the early teenage years. This visible physical onset of male breasts can result in taunting, teasing and just plain nasty behaviour from the teenagers peers.

It is important to monitor these behaviours as they can actually be quite damaging to young boys and their self-image.

As with girls who go through puberty and experience an increase in the oestrogen hormone levels which leads to the development of breasts, boys too usually experience higher levels of hormones, but in their instance it should be the hormone testosterone.

This results in their squeaky voices, facial hair and sudden growth spurts. In the case of Gynecomastia (man boobs) the boys concerned for some unknown reason produce too much oestrogen, this results in a visible development of male breasts and changes in the nipple area.

It is important to note that growth of breast tissue is not as a result of fat or being overweight and therefore exercising and losing weight will not solve the problem.

Gynecomastia in Puberty
  • Usually as a result of hormonal imbalance
  • Often corrects itself as the boy progresses through puberty
Gynecomastia in Old age
  • Again testosterone levels decline.
  • Excess weight will cause the body to produce Oestrogen
  • Solution-either surgery or hormone balancing medication.
Other causes – please note these are on rare occasions
  • Side effects of medication
  • Illegal drugs such as cannabis and steroids
In the past hormones in foods were suspected to have contributed to this phenomena , however please note that in most countries this is now monitored and there is very little chance of this having anything to do with Gynecomastia.

When in doubt consult your doctor. Prevention is always better than cure.
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