Lately I have been a little overwhelmed by deadlines , responsibilities , the passing on of loved ones , the constant presence of Cancer and well LIFE!

I decided this week I want to put together a fun and lighthearted selection full of whimsy and true to summer. I haven't had the opportunity to try any of these as yet but they are on my wish list...

I popped into Dischem the other day and had a browse through Catrice and came across this nude palette I just have to have so it is in my budget for this week ( I just hope it's still in store) , I love the fun Catrice nail colours and the Cheek Tint Jelly ( yes packaging catches me everytime).

Skin care items this week are Summertime Essentials... the Nimue Eye Serum which helps prevent wrinkles caused by squinting in the sun.The other is Filorga Sleep & Peel , purely because I love the brand, and there is nothing better than a product that works while I sleep, saves me time.

I just love these Mary Janes by Tom's ( they are however kids shoes).

The Washi Tape I just love and I have just placed my order at

For the lips I am just loving this new brand called POP Beauty and of course I am still dying to try Maybellines Baby Lips (soon I hope).

Have a fabulous Whimsical day
x x x H