Seed Oils have been used for centuries by our forefathers for preparations made for the body as well as in our diet.

Why seed oils?
Well seed oils contain vital Essential Fatty Acids which are required for proper function of the skin barrier. Seed oils are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties but those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Functions of Essential Fatty Acids for the skin:

-          Aid and assist in proper skin function
-          Increases Cell membrane functioning
-          Improves skin hydration levels
-          Assists in preventing irritation and aggravation to the skin
-          Decreases environmental and intercellular water loss
-          Assists in skin repair
-          Aids the penetration of other skin actives

A deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids results in:

-          Increased inflammation
-          Skin disorders such as acne , rosacea and psoriasis
-          Premature ageing

Essential Fatty Acids can be divided into both Omega 3 Oils and Omega 6 Oils and both are equally important in aiding and protecting both the skin and the bodies functions.

Essential Fatty Acids need to be a part of a healthy diet and as such it is important if you are considering a supplement you need to check the GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) concentrations to ensure that it is a high enough concentration to be beneficial to the body and skin. Also ensure that you are not buying the cheapest option and be wary of gel caps (studies have shown that more than 50% of Omega supplements on supermarket shelves are rancid as a result of oxygen being able to permeate the gel cap membrane).

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