I have been in awe for the last few years at all the trends and skin care fads that have come and gone, however one skin care ingredient stays true …mud and or clay. I am going to limit myself to the topic of Dead Sea mud in this article and what exactly makes it so unique and valued.

So what exactly makes the Dead Sea mud so special?
I don’t think that even the scientists will ever be able to fully explain all the components that make up the Dead Sea mud, what is known however is that this mud is the result of thousands of years of alluvial silt washing down the landscape, to form an inland sea.

 The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth at only 417metres below sea level and has its own unique climate and features such as super high concentrations of minerals salt that increase water buoyancy levels, to the point that it would be physically impossible to drown. This sea contains highest concentrated levels of minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Strontium and Iron on earth measuring in at a whopping 31.5%. Interestingly among the 21 minerals present, 12 are uniquely and solely found in the Dead Sea. Mother Nature has thus supplied us with a super healer in the form of a dark black mineral mud, which provides all essential vitamins our body needs for healing.
What exactly is Dead Sea Mud used for?

Body Wraps – Detoxifying, toning, relieves muscle aches and pains, relive rheumatic pain in joints
Body Creams / Lotions / Butters – to rehydrate, re-mineralize and re-invigorate the skin
Hand Creams – Restores skin tone , helps with healthy nail growth, softens and smoothes
Shampoo’s – to balance the scalp, to assist in conditions such as dandruff, protect and fortify the hair
Face Masks – Balances and calms redness, re-mineralizes, softens and smoothes
Male Shaving Products – Helps smooth and tone the skin, helps with healing after shaving

No one can conclusively quite explain the amazing effect this dark mud has on the body. Worldwide research has actually shown that the majority of test patients for psoriasis, cancer and/ or chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis and atopic dermatitis all show instant improvements.

Whilst few of us may ever get to experience the Dead Sea there are many products available worldwide such as Ahava, Moor Mud Cosmetics, Obey Your Body and Dead Sea Products so give it a try it just might help.