Rain has launched a new range recently which embraces the heart of Africa. It features ingredients such as Mongongo Nut , Kalahari Melon , Honeybush  Tea , Marula and loads more.

Today I get to review.....

No.2 Kalahari Melon & Honeybush Body Polish
By now you have guessed that I absolutely love a great Body Scrubs especially the rather fine and clingy types.
This scrub comes in a lovely glass jar it is neither masculine nor feminine but has clean lines , a fabulous typography styled label which is easy to read.

 The fragrance of this product is rather earthy with a fresh African Bush twist to it. The smell is clean, fresh and lingering.Distinctive wafts of Lavender and Patchouli essential oils.
This fragrance is rather pungent so beware those who prefer a subtle fragrance.

 This scrub has a refined coarseness to it, mainly due to the small grained salt used. With flecks of honeybush tea and a generous helping of Kalahari Melon and Almond Oils It smoothes over your skin and sticks around long enough to rub off all the dead and unwanted skin. This product leaves your skin smooth , soft and hydrated's a real treat.


I would definitely recommend this scrub for dry and dehydrated skins. It leaves a definite film on the skin, which some might not like ( hence RAIN recommend you use a mild soap afterwards) I personally did not use soap afterwards and my skin felt fabulous.

It is a highly aromatic product (which not everyone enjoys), my suggestion drop by a RAIN Store and give it a whiff as there are other great options available.

I love the Indigenous African ingredients , the fact that the brand is Eco-friendly , fair trade and they uplift the community by employing and up-skilling local communities.

So what was my conclusion?

As described above the product is ....

 I must be honest and say it is not my personal favourite, I tend to prefer either fresh and zesty smells or the complete opposite being vanilla and foodie type smells. I found this product to be very much herbacious and a smell I would need to get used to.

Retails at R115.00
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