It's no secret that I love Filorga and am hopelessly addicted to the Filorga Time-Filler Matt Day Cream it not only is the best day cream I have ever used but it's familiar aroma has become a source of comfort 'my skin care blanky' if you will.

Today I get to review the fabulous Filorga Sunscreen 50+ which has the added benefit of being Anti-Ageing and Anti-Brown Spot (fahbulous!)

FILORGA's - Anti-Ageing , Anti-Brown Spot UV DEFENCE SPF 50+
What I have noticed as I am getting older I am experiencing hormonal changes. I have also noticed that I am starting to get pigmentation despite all the precautions I have taken . This was a hugely welcome surprise.

This sunscreen has been reformulated to comply with the strict new European Sunblock standards. It features anti-ageing properties , anti-brown spot and includes both  UVA(ageing) and UVB(burning) filters and Filorga's world renowned NCTF Formula combined with Hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump and hydrated.

With natural boosters such as brown algae extract to maintain hydration , hop extract and Wonderlight to help prevent brown spots and SunActive to help fight off pollution and environmental damage.
So what did I think of the Sunscreen?
The cream itself is a translucent white in colour with the signature Filorga aroma .

It is a light cream application which does not leave your skin greasy in any way. It applies smoothly and does not leave a trace of stickyness and/or whiteness.

I applied the sunscreen under my foundation and on top of my moisturiser, I applied it in the morning prior to  heading out to the local community Soup Kitchen at which I volunteer (usually we stand in the sun for about 2 hours), I found it offered great protection. I did not have any burning and or tanning which was great as I am so not a hot weather person.

Durability & Computability
I found that the product did slide a little into my eyes, which caused minor burning. However it lasted well into the afternoon without any reapplication. The sunscreen did not alter my make up in any way and did not result in any unusual oilyness or shine on my skin. I used it in conjunction with the Filorga Time Filler Matt and found the two products worked exceptionally well together (no surprise I suppose really)

Personally I really enjoyed the Filorga Sunscreen and would highly recommend it. I am a staunch believer in having a separate face and body sunscreens, as both areas of skin differ vastly and need different degrees of protection and are equally important.

Look out for this fabulous product at selected Edgars stores.
Retails R575.00 (40ml)
For more info on FILORGA Products - CLICK HERE