Prickly pears or otherwise known as Cactus Fruit are a little known skin care treasure. Prickly pears belong to the Cactus Family, Opuntia ficus-indica meaning ‘Indian Fig’. These little gem are Native to Mexico and South America. However these days they grow worldwide and are prolific in areas such as South Africa, Australia, Morocco and Southern Europe.

So what make the prickly pear so special?

The prickly pears are high in Tocopherol (Vit E) and are potent anti-oxidants for the skin. The oil has high percentages of unsaturated fatty acids (Linoleic and Oleic) which aid in preventing premature ageing. The prickly pear oil is also particularly rich in minerals and amino acids.

What is prickly pear used for?

-          hydrate the skin

-          prevent pre-mature ageing

-          maintain the skins elasticity

-          moisturise dry/damaged skin

-          restore the health of nails and cuticles

Prickly pear oil is said to be one of the most expensive oils, mainly due to the very low oil concentration per seed (approx.5%). Another harsh reality is factor is that it takes 4 days for women to seed and dry 10 000 prickly pear seeds, which is enough to manufacture/ produce just 1 liter of Cold Pressed Prickly Pear Oil.

So what can you expect to see after using the Prickly Pear oil?

-          Smoother more hydrated skin

-          Even skin tone

-          Healthy and balanced skin

-          Refined skin texture

-          Brightens the complexion

The one thing I have come to realize in exploring skin care ingredients and their actions is that all seed and berry oils are particularly high in anti-oxidants. For me, I know one thing and that is that I love to eat Prickly Pears ( I wonder if that counts?).

 I may not have as yet experienced the oil itself, I would love to try it in the future, and if possible even a skin care product that makes use of this desert treasure.

There is a skin care brand that started using Prickly Pear as a pioneering ingredient in their Skin Care Range known as Les sens de Marrakesh for more on this – CLICK HERE 
They have some truly gorgeous looking products.