I have a Blogsista whose nail art I just adore and admire, her name is Thea and she has a blog called 'Madness Nails'. Every now and then I love to feature one of her designs in a tutorial feature so that you too can try these creative and beautiful works of art.

I usually choose an inspirational picture ( and poor Thea, I really challenge her sometimes *giggles*) and lucky for me Thea is always up for a challenge and a good sport. Here is the latest inspiration ...
So now I hand over to Thea , enjoy x x x h

Hi there Femme lovelies! I'm back again on Heathers little space on the net to bring you another tutorial. I love being here! It's always filled with pretty shiny things and Heather is a star. But enough of me sucking up! On to the tutorial...

Inspired by a summer pattern
Nail Polishes Used:
-        Tip Top Nail Chic - Cha Cha Cha
-        Tip Top Nail Chic – Solar Flare
-        Tip Top Nail Chic – Ripped Me Red

Tools Used:
-        Dotting tool in 3 various sizes 
-        Small thin nail art brush or clean liquid eyeliner brush
   1.  Start by laying down a coat of a protective base coat of your choice. When this is dry, lay down 2 coats of Tip Top Nail Chic - Cha Cha Cha 
     Everything from Point 2. to Point 5. has been done using  Tip Top Nail Chic – Ripped Me Red and the thin nail art brush.
   2.      Make a small dot in the centre of your nail. This isn't a must but it will help position the middle pattern. Make a hexagon shape with curved sides around the dot. Don't worry if the lines aren't perfect, we can fix that later on.

    3.  Next make half tear drop shapes in line with the points of the curvy hexagon. (Curvy hexagon! Sexy!) If this seems confusing, just refer to the pictorial.

    4.  Between the half tear drop shapes, make small curved triangular shapes. Once again, to avoid confusion just refer to the pictorial.

    5.      Fill in all the shapes.

    6.      Using Tip Top Nail Chic - Cha Cha Cha and the thin nail art brush, go over the spaces between the red shapes to fix any thick red lines or to define the shapes a bit better.

    7.      Using  Tip Top Nail Chic - Cha Cha Cha once again and a large ended dotting tool, make a dot in the middle of the hexagon. With a smaller dotting tool, make a dot inside the large dot with Tip Top Nail Chic – Solar Flare. Then with your smallest dotting tool, make 6 dots around the hexagon, as shown in the pictorial.

Finish off with a thick coat of topcoat to smooth out the mani

I tried making an exact pattern like shown on the example that Heather gave me but after a few failed attempts, I decided to go for a “inspired by” look. I really like how this came out and how it has a kind of Indian chic feel to it!

Thank you Heather, for letting me invade your space once again! I love sharing a bit of my world with you and your readers and cant wait for our next adventure together!

Lots of mad love...


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