So here is my week on Pinterest, I really love vintage inspired 'everything' and it's amazing how it comes through in many of my lifestyle pins and as you can see above in the bathroom and furniture I love. If you would like to see the other fabulous goodies I have posted such as recipes and my fashion favourites - CLICK HERE

I have an incurable love for Macarons , these crispy and pricey little almond treats are my downfall. I am still dying to try those of Ma Mere Maison (in Cape Town) which is owned by Lexi Bechet , another blogger I follow on Twitter you will find more on Ma Mere Maison if you CLICK HERE (please don't hate me for sharing *giggles in hand*)

Lastly I have discovered the brand from the USA called PHILOSOPHY and it really is love love love. If you go back and check my last few weekly picks you will find more of their gorgeous goodies. CLICK HERE . If I ever get to the USA again heaven help me I could do serious damage here.