Recently I decided to spoil myself with an ELF Haul , being unfamiliar with the brand I was very stingey with my budget and tried to get as much 'bang for my buck' as possible. Here is my haul and my review ...

All over colour stick – Pink Lemonade
This is a versatile chubby stick for use on both lips and cheeks. It comes in a cute little compact stick that would easily fit in either your make-up bag and/or handbag.

The product itself is medium textured, in other words it applies as a matte look and is not very creamy in texture. I chose the colour Pink Lemonade for myself and I have honestly enjoyed it thus far. I am not really a fan of the product on my lips, I prefer a creamier more hydrating feel on my lips.

** Would I buy this product again? Yes definitely.

All over concealer stick – Apricot Beige

This is also a cute and chubby little cover stick that would easily fit into both your handbag and/or make-up bag.

This product is also medium textured and gives a fair amount of cover. I used the concealer on the first application under my foundation. I found that it lasted quite well, but the cover was slightly diluted. The second application, I used the concealer over my foundation and found it gave great cover, not only to cover dark circles but also acting as a highlighter for the under eye area too.

** Would I buy this product again? Yes definitely and I actually find it quite an asset at the moment.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen – Teal & Ash

These are fabulous and easy to use eyeliner pens, they are sleek with firm applicator tips and extremely precise. I have tried two colours the ash grey and the teal. The amazing thing about these pens is that they apply like a felt tip pen; the liner is a thin liquid which dries and honestly sets into an indestructible line.

I enjoyed the amazing staying power of these eye liners however, I found the Teal to be much darker than the colour indicated and not really my ‘cup of tea’.

** Would I buy this product again? Yes I would but I would be more conservative in my colour choice though.

 Luscious Liquid Lipstick – Baby Lips

This is a must have if you love lip glosses, it is a minty fresh well pigmented lip gloss that keeps the lips well hydrated. It applies smooth and glossy, yet in no way is it sticky.

It has a fair to medium staying power and will definitely need to be reapplied after drinking tea/coffee.

** Would I buy this again? Yes I am gonna order a few as soon as I have the budget. I love the formulation.

Beauty-On-The-Go Single Palette (refill) – Day On the Beach

Unbeknownst to me this is actually a refill for a cute compact which I will now have to invest in. The palette consists of 10 Eye shadows, 2 Lip Colours and 1 Blush.

The eye shadows are well pigmented, even the pale colours. They last well and come in a great colour selection which allows you to adjust you look for both day and/or night from one lovely little compact. The shadows have very little fall out, no wastage = fabulous.

The Blush is way to fair and lacking in pigment to ever be used as a blush (and I’m fair skinned) you could use it as a highlighter.

The Lip colours are very natural, they are great for touch up’s but not for a permanent lip colour. They are too light and quite sticky in texture.

** Would I buy this again? Yes just for the 10 eye shadows and the practicality of this compact for my handbag, NOT for the lip or cheek make up.

I have enjoyed testing out and trying ELF Cosmetics which are not as yet available in South Africa. I look forward to trying more of their fabulous eye makeup and some of the other cheek tints and maybe even a mascara or two in the near future.

Most of the above were priced at $1, which excluded shipping (very expensive to South Africa)