Recently two friends started a fabulous new Beauty Box Swap called the #DelishBox you can check it out on Lipglossed Ninja's ( Lauren's) blog and apply to join here

So after all the pairings were sent out , I filled my partners box and promptly sent it off to Jane. You can check what I sent her here , this all done I eagerly awaited my parcel ... such excitement !

As I received my tracking details from Lauren I felt like I could burst with anticipation ...argghh!

At last the day arrived and my box landed on my desk. Now you need to understand that I relish the ritual of opening my gifts. This was not a matter to be rushed in any way, and so I opted to wait until I get home to open my box (with much restraint I tell ya).

As soon as I got home I cleared the dining room table , fetched the knife (drumroll please) and promptly placed my behind on the chair for operation 'open box' ...tadaaa!!

A feast of little presents all individually wrapped ....oh the suspense!
After a little hand rubbing  and of course picture taking (above picture), I proceeded to open each package with absolute glee and delight!

Here is my fabulous #DelishBox from Ada whom I never got to chat to, but boy she either stalked me well or was really in tune with me.

I loved each and every item. Which honestly I would have bought for myself. I was blown away by the fabulous Catrice Nude Palette which I had put on my shopping list and tadaaaa! No need there it was ( just as well as when I popped into DisChem , the last one was gone)

Thank you so very much Ada x x x