I am often overwhelmed at the great opportunities I get to interview( albeit Q & A) celebrities and to present to you the real person behind the name or brand.

Today I present Lee-Anne Summers , I have seen Lee-Anne perform in person and was amazed at her great stage presence. Lee-Anne is Brand Ambassador for Skin Science Cosmetics which makes use of Apple Stem Cell Technology ( you can read my article on this here).

Skin Science is a local skin care brand and they offer a superior product at affordable prices , I personally love the packaging. You can read more about the products here.

Here is my Question & Answer with Lee-Anne ...

1 – What do you consider the role of a Brand Ambassador to be?
As a Brand Ambassador I believe you should choose to endorse products that you truly believe in so that you can spread awareness to others about truly great products out there.

2 - What made you decide to endorse Skin-Science as a Brand?
I have been a fan of the product for quite some time and as I said, I think that is always a good basis for becoming a Brand Ambassador. When stem cell research first came to the fore, I did quite a lot of research on it and I really believe in the benefits of thereof. I also think that the price point and availability of the Skin Science range is fantastic for the South African market. It has worked wonders on my own skin in the months that I have been using it.

3 – Who is Lee-Anne Summers?
This is a hard question to answer, because I think sometimes people have a very different idea of me than whom I actually am. I like to think of myself as a loving daughter and friend, a passionate actress and a good listener. I am also very shy, which people don’t often know about me and I am a big nerd. I have an obsession with wildlife and the bush and try to spend as much time there as I possibly can. If I wasn’t an actress, I would be a game ranger.

4 – As a celebrity what is the message that you would like to be remembered for?
Do no Harm. It works as a motto for the environment, wildlife, friendships, relationships and life in general.

5 – I saw your play ‘ Fat Pig’ and you were a great advocate for supporting women and encouraging them to embrace the person they are and the body they are in. What did you learn from playing this role?
Fat Pig was an interesting project for me, I learned that beauty is not skin deep and not to judge people by their outward appearance and persona. Even though I was playing the “mean girl” I learned to sympathize with her in a way I never thought I would. Her actions were terrible, but when I started looking deeper I found a girl that was also hurt and confused and had a lot of the same insecurities as Chanelle De Jager’s character, Helen. My character, Jeannie, just wasn’t as emotionally equipped to deal with them in a mature way. As the producer though, it was always Helen’s (Chanelle) story that drew me to the play. The message to not dismiss people because of societies perceived idea of “beauty” is what I hope people thought about after seeing the show.

6 – What is your top tip for a healthy skin?
Drink lots of water. Healthy skin not only comes from the products you use, but also from within. Water is the elixir of life and you can see the proof of that in your skin if you drink enough each day.

7 – What is your favourite product of Skin-Science and why?
The Revitalising Day Cream - SPF 20 moisturiser! I never leave the house without it in the day. The sun is so damaging, especially for my skin as I have a very light complexion and as such am vigilant about using a good moisturizer with SPF.

8 – If you could have dinner with any of the top influential women worldwide, who would you choose and why?
I would like to have dinner with Mia Farrow. Not only is she an actress, but also a great activist, who serves as a United Nations Children’s Fund Goodwill ambassador, advocating for children’s’ rights in war torn countries in Africa and China. Like Angelina Jolie, she has used her celebrity to raise awareness for so many good causes and her influence has been widespread. I would love to be able to sit and chat to her about all her experiences and how others can help moving forward. I also have a couple questions about Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen for her.

9 – What is the one item you cannot live without?
My IPad. I travel a lot and always joke that my home is wherever my IPad is. It has all my games, movies and music on it, which makes travel a lot easier.

10 – What are you plans for the future and will we be seeing more of you in SA?
Yes, I have been out of the country more than in it for the last two years! You will be seeing a lot more of me now, I have a movie coming out in cinemas in January 2014 called Safari and am currently in the preparation stages for another feature film as well as a theatre show. 

 Fore more  info on Skin Science or where to buy the products - CLICK HERE

I would personally like to thank Lee-Anne for giving us a little glimpse at the person behind the Public Figure.

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