I recently won R150 Voucher for the V & A Food Market and I was so excited about being able to visit , explore and taste some of the awesome fare this past weekend.

I took a friend along  and the two of us first proceeded to survey and scope the entire market before deciding on our food and drink preferences. Here is a collage of just some of the fabulous stands and their tempting treats ...

You really can go overboard here given the time and the finances ...

I finally got to taste Bubble Tea that everyone has been talking about and it was fun. I choose Ooolong tea , with Milky Vanilla and Chocolate Bubbles ...yummmm. I will be back to try and a fruity tea with mumsy in tow ..soon very soon!

Nom Nom Nom ...I got to munch down some of my favourite favourite ..SUSHI

** There were plenty other stands I still want to try.

Not all the vendors were aware of the V & A Food Market vouchers , this was quite awkward and strange when trying to make payment with the vouchers.

If you purchase only one item at a stand and there is change due ( ie. a R50 voucher and you buy one Bubble Tea @ R29.00) you actually loose the change or balance ( in this instance R21.00) , no guys seriously then please make either R10 or R20 value vouchers.

I had a great time and would definitely recommend it as a worthwhile visit.