If you follow my blog regularly you will know that I am not really a fan of a bath , a shower ...yes ... any day.

A while back I was given a beautiful glass pot of fabulous and fragrant Mustard Bath Salts by PHILOSOPHIA BOTANICA , needless to say they have been staring at me from a shelf in my bathroom for sometime now ... and had got no further!

That is until my lovely summer cold/flu ...blegh ... whatever this is hit me? Feeling rather sorry for myself ,I  gingerly proceeded to grab this little pot of treasure and fill my tub. Determined to detox these bugs out of my system once and for all!!!

So here is my review ...


At first this product (which is mustard in color, funny that) seems rather unusual. Why? The crystals are not regular in shape as per the 'norm' in bath salts, however there is nothing normal about this Mustard Bath from the powerful ingredients to the amazing effect on the body.

It contains African Desert Mineral Salts as well as a triple action blend of Essential Oils of  Eucalyptus , Camphor and Wintergreen, with real Mustard Seeds as an added bonus. These unique ingredients result in a bath product with a rather unusual appearance.

Is fine to medium coarseness , with little seed and mineral salt pieces.

Is very invigorating, great to detox, stimulate the circulation and decongestant (which I can attest to).
** safe for use on children

A wintery, green and rather heavenly smell which envelopes the whole room.

I really did enjoy this product, and even more it made me enjoy having a bath. I now use it in my foot spa too, especially after a hot day on my feet.

It is a great budget friendly option, which can be used for easing muscle aches and pains associated with hiking, extreme sports , running all of which make it ideal for sportsmen and women.

Retails at R80.00
Available online - HERE