So this year I started blogging and quite honestly I can't explain how I got into it? I know that I was asked to start writing for an online publication, which I have done before and really enjoyed. Less of the formal colloquial language and more editorial style ...just my cuppa tea!

Anyhooo I somehow landed in bloggerville and I love love love it! It allows to me explore and express the beauty world I so love and miss, use my creativity for something other than signboards. It has made me so many new and fantastic friends.

Here's the thing though, in my enthusiasm I persued a few different avenues and whilst they are great, it is impossible for me to maintain so many blogs ...yep I know stooopid!!The resultant effect has been on my health, flu 5 times this year so far ....major bummer!! So with great humility I am hereby closing and until further notice.

My focus will remain on Femme Lifestyle which has been my original brainchild and continues to be my passion and my main forum.

Thank you for your support of my other sites as we say 'adieu!' to them, and I look forward to a long and lovely lifetime together as we journey via Femme Lifestyle

x x x H