About a year and a half ago I went to a friends birthday party and I landed up sitting next to such an awesome young lady named Sam, we had seen each other often however this was the first opportunity we had had to get to know each other. 

Sitting in a group were a bunch of the girls all chatting about weddings and the cute young couples in our church ( of which Sam was half of one cute couple), it was at this event that Sam was voicing her desire for Jake her then boyfriend to propose.

We were all laughing and teasing Sam and just envisioning the awesome moment and day with her.....

FAST FORWARD a few months and tadaaaaa Sam and Jake are engaged! Yay!

So now wedding planning fever was in full swing for Sam .The excitement becoming tangible as the day started drawing near, and so did all the final arrangements. Sam was musing over who to get to do her own and the bridesmaids make up for her wedding... when a mutual friend referred her to me. Yes me! Sam picked me!

So here is a little photo journey of Sam's wedding day , for which I did all the ladies make up...
 So here is the beautiful Sam, and I decided to do something a little different to the norm by using a light pink to offset her beautiful and rather unusual green eyes.

Here is the Mac Lipstick I used ( I am not listing shades , as much of the make-up was not from this season) and for all the ladies I used a lovely Peach toned MAC Blush ( I could've been more generous with this).

 Here are the lovely ladies with the Bride in their gorgeous infinity dresses. The ladies all brought their own foundations on the day. For the eye shadows I mainly used neutral eye shadows from Clarins ...

 p.s. This Vanilla Shadow of Clarins is my
all time favourite
 and finished off with my Inglot Translucent powder

 The Bride , her bridesmaids and her beautiful and very poised mum.
  And at last the Bride and her Prince Charming ...
Sam and the ladies were such a pleasure, and so kind to me being sick (and i mean vrot) with the flu. I had such fun and I have honestly never met such a calm and relaxed Bride or such a cool and poised mom.

Sam and Jake, 'May the Lord Bless you with many happy years together and may your lives be an adventure of getting to know each other and drawing closer to 'Him' '.
x x x