I was given a fabulous Picnic and Wine tasting Voucher by my bosses for Secretaries Day from City Slickers the discount online voucher system. 

My voucher was for Hazendal Wine Estate  which I booked for the weekend which has just passed.

Here are my thoughts on my day at Hazendal ...

Yes at last a 'selfie' I hate being in photo's

Firstly I did book in advance and I was quite surprised to see that the Venue is in great demand and does get fully booked.I could not book on the day I had initially picked out and had to schedule for another day.

I took a friend along with me for the picnic, upon arrival we found to the main entrance blocked due to a running event that Hazendal was hosting ( not a pleasant surprise when there is booming music and loudspeakers and I had planned a calm and relaxing day), no we were not forewarned... a bit of a shock.

After eventually finding our way there through the back entrance, past the paintball and other activities we soon decided to stay positive and make the most of our day. There was little or no space available for wine tasting and we decided to retreat to a far off area behind all the chaos and noise.

We tasted 5 wines , 2 x White , 2 x Red and a Rose. Hazendal do not have sweet wines, most of their wines are very dry ... the only wine I would consider an option is the Rose, and even that doesn't have a hint of sweetness to it.

Retreating to our blanket on the outskirts of the grass area we set up our blankets and proceeded to open a picnic basket which turned out to be a real treasure trove of treats. 

Our basket included the following:
- A Cheese Platter ( small but sufficient)
- A plate (each) of savories such as Samosas , Cold Meat , Chicken Pies , Mini Quiche and coated Chicken pieces
- A Fruit Salad (each)
- A Chocolate Brownie/Cake Square (each)
- A small Greek Salad (each)
- A bread Roll & Butter (each)

It really was quite a feast and just like a homemade picnic I would've packed myself WE REALLY ENJOYED IT!

** The only suggestion would be to include a drink of some sorts , sheesh we were thirsty after the wine tasting.We did however order cool drinks and coffee for our account.

Overall we had a great time and we relaxed on the grass until about 2pm , a total escape. It is not the most relaxing visit I have had to a wine estate,the farm is close to the Bottelary road and verging on Kraaifontein. Please don't expect a Stellenbosch/Franschoek Valley Type experience here, however it is great for a quick getaway with some great atmosphere.

** be careful in summer of ticks(red spidery looking one) we had a visitor on our blanket.