Originating from parts of Africa and India this succulent Aloe plant has long since been known for its healing properties both on the body and the skin. In the days of old the Egyptians labeled this plant ‘the plant of immortality’ hinting at the wealth of uses this particular desert plant offers.

Studies have shown that this unique succulent not only has a plethora of properties for healing the skin, but also contains two hormones which aid in its natural balancing action on the skin.

However this plant is not only being used in Africa but also in India, and as such it forms part of the traditional healing medicines/practices aligned with Ayurvedic Medicine to effectively heal chronic skin conditions.

For treatment uses of the body, this plant is known for its balancing of blood sugar levels, and its treatment of minor burns, wounds, cysts and digestive problems. It‘s true value however shines when it comes to the skin, where it is known for aiding and healing in the following ailments:

-          Eczema and inflamed skin

-          Sunburn and Blue Bottle Stings

-          Hydrating dry flaky skin

-          Dandruff

-          Acne and cysts associated with this condition

-          Psoriasis

-          Anti-aging

-          Great for stretch marks

-          Antioxidant ( sun and pollution/environmental damage)

Aloe Vera comes in the form of a gel from the Aloe plant and is rich in Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and Amino acids making it extremely concentrated in natural plant healing ingredients; astonishingly it is extremely close to the skins natural pH.
Aloe Vera naturally kick starts the fibroblast cells in the skin that produce Collagen and Elastin and are therefore natural anti-aging boosters for the skin. It’s tough exterior being a testimony to the great anti-oxidant properties of the plant it stands to reason that Aloe Vera is found in many sunscreens and after sun soothing products.

Aloe Vera is found in the following products in your supermarket:

-          Skin Care
-          Shampoo
-          Toothpaste
-          Blood sugar stabilizers
-          Aftershaves
-          Moisturizers
-          Facial Masks
-          After sun Care

And the list goes on….