A while back I went to a fabulous launch at the Table Bay Hotel hosted by Dermalogica. The focus of the afore mentioned event was to highlight the anatomy of the skin conditions such as Eczema , Dermatitis , Psoriasis from a dermatological , psychological and medical stand point.

The guest speaker was Dr Claudia Aguirre visiting from The International Dermal Institute (IDI) in the USA. It was a super informative presentation and saw the launch of a fabulous new eye serum from Dermalogica ' The UltraSmoothing Eye Serum'.

Part of our Press Kit was a fabulous skin kit , a set of trial sized products from the ...
UltraCalming Skin Care Range.

Here are my thoughts on the products included in the kit ...

UltraCalming Cleanser

- Wow! That about sums up how I felt about this cleanser.
- Presented in a fliptop cap it was super user friendly.
- The cleanser itself was an opaque translucent cream which almost seems to have a purplish hue (the products all have lavender so maybe it's a psychological trick of the brain), it is neither creamy or liquid and is non foaming. It removed my make up with ease and left my skin feeling comforted and soft without having been stripped of all the natural oils. I used this as a splash off cleanser with water (i enjoy to feel water on my skin) and it proved to be great.

*** This is definite favourite of mine now. Well worth the investment.

UltraCalming Mist

- A fabulous mist in a spritzer bottle , ideal for keeping in the fridge to  refresh your skin in summer.
- A distinct lavender fragrance , very soothing
- I used this at a wedding to set the bridesmaids make up , it was fabulous and the lavender just calmed and soothed the atmosphere too.

*** I enjoyed this product and would definitely use this again.

UltraCalming Relief Masque
- A fabulous light lotion/cream mask
- Great application , it is very light and has a soft fragrance
- On application it has quite a cooling sensation
- It is usually to be applied and washed off , however I must confess I applied it and fell asleep with it on. I rinsed it off the next morning and my skin was soft and smooth.

*** I enjoyed this product but it is a little to lightweight for my almost 40year old skin. I wouldn't re-purchase this product myself ...but truly it is great for reactive skins.

Barrier Repair Cream

- This is a very neutral and fairly lightweight cream that can be used as a day cream.
 - I am sure it would be great for reactive/sensitive skins

*** I wouldn't use this again.

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

- A great lightweight non-sticky serum that my skin just seemed to suck right in
- The fragrance I got coming through again was Lavender and I found it very comforting
- This serum definitely reduced my high color and had a gentle cooling effect on my skin

*** I would use this product again, however for winter when my skin seems to suffer from high color the most

These fabulous products get the Femme Lifestyle stamp of approval
It is important to note that all the above products contain the unique Dermalogica UltraCalming Complex , have no additional fragrances or colorants and are formulated to interrupt inflammatory triggers that lead to sensitization, while helping to minimize discomfort , burning and itching.