So I have recently been spoilt again by REVLON and got a load of goodies to review from ther Pacific Coast Color Range ( Spring 2013) , I urge you to not waste time if you like any of the make up reviewed as they will only be in store till the end of November.

So I decided to do something a little different and actually follow the Eye shadow palette guide( as shown below) on the reverse of the packaging. A good friend (Estie) kindly volunteered to be my model.

#Review - Colourstay Colour Palette in Sea Mist
The Sea Mist Palette was very interesting in that it is a lovely tealish - greenish colour in the container and yet on application the colour changed completely. I am not sure if this was as a result of acidity in Estie's skin?

The odd thing is that when I applied the swatch to the swatch page this too took on a whole new and almost greyish tinge?You can see above the outcome of this application.

So what did I think? 

Colourstay Eye Shadow Quad -SEA MIST 585
The application guides are easy to use , as are the foam applicators supplied with the eyeshadow quad. The shadow apply well , with minimal fall out.
The darker shadows are more dense in pigment and thus require very little product to be applied. The shadows are definitely great and apply well , I would have preferred the neutral colour to be a little lighter to act as a highlighter.
I have used this in my own make up for a few days ( the guide application was to heavy for my small eyes) and I love one or two of the colors.
The staying power well it was ok, not the best though.

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
For the lips I used Juicy Papaya Lip Butter which glides on smooth and really hydrates the lips. These are already a personal favourite of mine.
The colour deposit is great and lasts reasonably well , you will however need to re-apply after drinking or eating.

** I will post the nail info later

Would I use these again?
Not sure I would purchase a quad with a seasonal look myself , I would rather buy singles or regular stock item colors.

For the Cheeks I used the Baby Sticks range - READ MY PREVIOUS REVIEW
#Review - Colourstay Colour Palette in Sea Mist

Colourstay Eye Shadow Quad - FREE SPIRIT 580
This eyeshadow Palette did amazing things for my friend Estie's eyes. The pigments were great in this palette but again I would've preferred a lighter colour for use as a highlighter.
The blues just seemed to make Estie's eyes pop and the application guideline definitely contributed to the effectiveness of this look.
I actually really like this quad and I am wearing it today, just not applied as above. The staying power is quite good , not the best I have tried but at least this palette has remained true to colour both times.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon 
This time I used the REVLON Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon and I think this really contributed to the effectiveness of this look. Once again it is evident how important Lip Color and Eye Colour combinations are.
I love these super-hydrating Lip Butters ... be careful in hot weather though they have a low melting point.

Would I use these again?
In the above case yes definitely , I loved both the eye shadow quad and the Lip Butter. 

There you have it!
x x x H