If you are a regular follower of mine you will have seen Revlon's Baby Stick's featured across my blogs and on many of my wish lists, why? ............ have you seen the bright pink , coral and cerise hues of these? they are GORGEOUS!!
I was over the moon when I got to try two of these lovely little beauties.

The Coral shade - Tahitian 
The Pink shade - Pink Passion

So just what did I think of them after trying them?

These truly are cute little sticks , great for in your handbag. They are meant for lips and cheeks but honestly I don't think there is enough pigment for a true blush effect on the cheeks. They apply matte on the skin and lips which is also surprising considering the buttery consistency and at first I didn't really like it.
After a few applications I got used the unique qualities of the product and stop comparing it to other totally fifferent cosmetics.
I must say it would be great for those summer days when you don't feel like much but your lips feel dry and parched needing just a little moisture and a hint of colour.

I think these would also make the most awesome gifts for young teenage ladies wanting to start wearing a little something glamorous, and less girl-ish. 
Great stocking fillers.

Would I buy these again?

Yes I would but as mentioned for use as a lip treatment and stocking fillers.
I am not 100% sold on this product.

** Products were sponsored by REVLON

PINK PASSION on my lips