In the past I have reviewed the Juice Beauty CC Cream and I found it to be a great light coverage option for the day which definitely plumps the skin and boosts the radiance.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I received the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel - Full Strength to review. 

For those of you whom have not heard of Juice Beauty it is a company founded in the USA , the company only uses Certified Organic fruit juices and concentrates as actives in their products , they are Eco-Friendly , not tested on animals and free of harmful chemicals. Even the packaging is ethically sourced and the most recent award being recognition by PETA for their manufacturing division in China.

Here is my review ....

 Upon receiving this lovely little pot I decided to do a parallel test on my mum's skin , mum is 64yrs and I am 39yrs and so I wanted to see whether our skins would react differently to the peel? I also wanted to get some feedback which would be completely neutral, and unbiased.

As the name indicates it is a peel that makes use of a cocktail of Alpha Hydroxy acids, sourced from Raw Sugar Cane , Apple , Lemon , Grape and Willow Bark.

It is recommended that you cleanse your face and apply a generous layer of the product onto your skin and leave for 10 minutes. The product packaging does warn that you may experience, tingling and redness. These are normal for alpha hydroxy peels. After your time has lapsed you will need to rinse using a cleanser and water, rinse well. Apply your eye cream and either day or night cream.

What were my findings?

The application was smooth and almost liquid, the product has a very fluid light beige color with a silky texture and a rather acidic fragrance.

My skin: 
Produced color very quickly , however I experienced very little tingling and no discomfort at all. After rinsing I found my skin was as smooth as a babies bottom. It hasn't managed to lighten pigmentation at all but I have noticed a reduction in fine lines.  I now have a silky smooth skin which allows products to absorb easily and effectively.

Moms skin:
Well let me first tell you that I had to fight to get it back from her... and I had to leave her some product in a little pot ... she is clearly hooked.
Mumsy has sun damaged skin from childhood frolic's as well as liver spots, in addition as we age our skins cell reproduction slows down radically. The sun spots have definitely lightened in color and the texture of her skin has changed dramatically.  This in turn has evened out her skin tone.
I even overheard mumsy being complimented the other day, to which she preened much better.

Did I enjoy using the product?
Definitely, it is a fabulous solution for a Spa Quality peel in your own home.

Would I repurchase?
Yes, It is a high end product, however I am sure Mumsy and I will share the cost and a pot in the future.

Where can you purchase the product?
At any Wellness Warehouse in South Africa and online at Natures Colours.
Retails : R500.00

Juice Beauty have a full range of Skin Care products

 I know next on my list is the new Organic Kisses(Lip glosses) which come 4 in a set for R250.00

For more info on Juice Beauty - CLICK HERE