On one of my recent visits to Dischem I spotted a little gem I have been wanting to try for sometime, and so I just couldn't resist buying one of these tempting treats.

I chose #04 Flashy Apricot second from the left, as I tend to err towards either nudes or Coral undertones ( otherwise I would have been tempted to by them all )

What did I think?

The texture is light and has a sweet lollipop taste to it, and smells like sweeties too. The pigment and/or staining power was medium and not as strong as I would have expected it to be ( being a lover of Benefit Tints and all that).

The colour does last well however, you would definitely need  to reapply after a meal. I found it to be a fun product to play with.
The packaging is great and has a trendy fun edge to it. It's not the best I have tried and used, but it's not the worst either.

Would I repurchase? Actually yes I would. It is fun, budget friendly and tastes good too.

Retail: R29.95 at Dischem