I recently got to know Francesca who is the pioneer behind the Philosophia Botanica range and also the conceptualiser of the unique Thai treatments she has brought to South Africa and Europe originating from Thailand.

I have had the privilege of being able to review Philosophia Botanica's Anti Age Face Serum. Rich in Carrot oil this serum immediately is orange in color , it is rich in natural plant extracts and just bursts at the seams with more than ten essential oils of both floral and botanical origins.

Having been described as ' The ideal liquid moisturizer for those needing hydration'

I first came across this serum at a Professional Trade show in February, and unknowingly met Angela who assists Francesca here in South Africa with the brand and in facilitating the training of the Thai treatments.

It was back then that I was first intrigued by the rich orange color and enchanting smell of this oil/serum which contains evening primrose oil , Calendula and geranium essential oils.

It comes in a handy glass pump bottle which measures out perfect portions. With my skin in particular i found that I needed two squirts in total. The anti-age serum has a luxurious and heavenly smell and is  definitely an oil by texture both on my hand and on application. After applying the serum by pressing into the skin. I found it does absorb quite well and I still made use of a moisturizer after the serum.

 It gives your skin a slight tint , more like a hint of color really ... however as soon as you have applied your make up this tint is no longer visible at all.

I have been using the product for two weeks now and I must be honest and say I prefer to use it at night. Why? Well I prefer a matte look during the day, and I found the dewy look a challenge for me. I switched to the evening and found it became a lovely ritual of soft soothing essential oils that lulled me to sleep.

Would I buy the product again? Yes definitely, but as mentioned for use at night.

It retails at R276.00 ( a bargain for a natural serum)
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Philosophia Botanica have a small and comprehensive range of products that compliment each other as seen below.