I never realized until I started blogging how much I enjoy and tend to gravitate towards Green cosmetics and Green/Eco friendly Products. 

I recently discovered a new favourite ... so new in fact, it only arrives in the country at the end of October ... what is it?

I have been blown away by a product called the KOR Nava Water Bottle ...there is NOTHING normal about this water bottle! From it's concept , to it's Ergonomic design, to it's planet and Earth friendly materials , to it's human friendly carbon source, you will never look at a water bottle the same way again!


KOR was a KICKSTARTER Project which was funded by people like you and I.
In choosing to donate even the smallest amount hundreds and thousands make project like these possible. READ MORE about Kickstarter

This phenomenal water bottle, will be available in South Africa from the end of October , for more info you can use the following contact details

International Website : http://www.korwater.com/
South African Website : http://www.korwater.co.za/

** This post is not sponsored