I recently noticed The Sunshine Award moving through a few bloggers that I knew and well I wished that I too would receive this award ... ta daaaa!

A fellow newbie blogger and friend Jane Tennet nominated me you can visit her blog here - http://janetennet.wordpress.com/

Basically it’s a way to get to know your blogger friends, you answer eleven questions that the person who nominated you sent to you. You then in turn give eleven facts about yourself and nominate 11 bloggers( although I have seen less) and give questions for eleven other bloggers to answer.

Okay let's get started ...

11 Fun Facts about me ...goodness

1 - I am affectionately known by friends as 'huggy bear' because I believe in the power of a good old hug.

2 - I am an avid veggie gardener ( only in summer at the moment as my back garden does not get enough sun in winter).
3 - I love to cook and bake and have friends over for a meal ... no occassion necessary.

4 - I am the proud mommy of 2 kitties at home and 2 kitties at work , so furballs are a constant in my life... as is the struggle to keep black clothes fur free ...yeah right!

5 - I am a 'salty tooth' and seldom go for cakes and sweets
..if I'm gonna do it, it needs to be good quality dinkum chocolate.(hmmm Ferrero Rocher and Lindt)

6 - I worked on the Cruise Liners for almost four years and I have seen most of the world. Sigh ...I miss the travel ( you have no idea)

7 - I was born in Johannesburg, but I have been in Cape Town for 31years and consider myself a Capetonian  ( sorry Jhb)

8 - I love fragrances and if my budget allowed I would have a whole shelf full , alas it is one at a time ( where are those ship days with Duty Free)

9 - I am passionate about disadvantaged and abused kids and I spend almost every second Saturday morning with the most awesome group of friends, in the form of a Soup/Sandwich Kitchen in Site 5 DuNoon Cape Town.

10 - My favourite saying is .. 'I'll sleep when I am dead' although these days it seems to be dead on my feet :)

11 - I love beautiful scarves, rings and earrings in silver ... they always complete an outfit for me.

And here are Jane's questions:

1. If you could choose to move your birthday would you??

No, my birthday is in September and I love that it means I was conceived around Christmas and New Year .. happy time of the year. It also falls in my favourite season which is Spring.

2. Do you know the difference between there, their, they’re?

There you go again, whilst their radio is playing in the background nextdoor and they're grooving to the tunes.
Think I got it ..tee hee :)

3. What is your pet hate?
Any background continuous noise ie. water dripping , clicking a pen etc.

4. If you could learn another language what would it be?

Spanish , there are so many other countries that speak the language. However I would also love to learn to speak Xhosa for communicating with the locals at Soup Kitchen.

5. What is your favorite thing to ‘pin’ on Pinterest?
A favourite ... there is such a thing? Hmmm ..Recipes , Make-up and Nails

6. If you could star in a movie what would it be about and who would play your co-star?

Ooooh a happy ever after chic flick that makes you feel good - still looking for my fairytale :) Definitely  Gerard Butler or Daniel Craig .
7. If you were to win the lottery what is the first thing you would do?
Give 10% to the church to be administrated for the soup kitchen's future dream called Faith Village , buy my parents their own home.

8. Where have your travels taken you?
Oooh this is gonna be long : Canada , All of North America's Coastline(except Alaska, where I would really love to go and even live), All of South America's Coast Line and the Amazon river to Manaus, All of the Caribbean , The Black sea and Balkan Region ( Russia) , Scotland , Ireland , UK , Greenland , Iceland , Gibraltar , Tunisia , Morocco , Spain , Italy , France , Greece & Greek Isles , Panama Canal , Corinth Canal , Canary Islands ,Dominican Republic , Faeroe Islands , Norway , Finland , Estonia ,Croatia and loads more.

9. If you could wake up and be anything you wanted, what would you want to be?
Free , to work on my passions and to pursue my dream of up-skilling the disadvantaged community through teaching them crafts to create items which can be sold to generate an income.

10. What memories do you remember from pre-school??
Running away from aftercare one day to a friends house, and no one could find me. Got the hiding of my life, it clearly left an impression ...tee hee

11. What does the Fox say??

Fox says he who smells a rat , should not rest until he finds it 

I nominate the following:

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My Questions are :

1) My ultimate date would be with _________ and we would do ________________
2) You have a 1 minute dash in any store , which would it be? and why?
3) Name one item you cannot live without?
4) Who is your female icon and why?
5) If I gave you R500 now what would be the first thing you buy?
6) There is a fire and you can only grab one of the following which do you choose? A handbag , your favourite shoes? or your cosmetics bag?
7) What is your all time favourite make-up brand?
8) What is your all time favourite body product?
9) What do you consider your best quality?
10) What is the anthem/song you live by?
11) What do you think makes your blog unique?
x xx x H