A while back I was scrolling through Facebook and entered a comp run by Naturals Beauty ... 
and guess what, I actually won!

I was so excited to receive my prize of a Body Butter and a White Sugar Scrub , I thought I'd share my thoughts with you ....

White Sugar Scrub

A fabulous fine textured white sugar body scrub , it has a welcoming spicy aroma when you open the container. These smells are created by an all natural essential oils blend and the fragrance is long lasting on your skin too.

Contains Essential Oils of :
Grapefruit and more..

I loved this product as the traction was fabulous, it adhered to my skin and I could scrub without too much fall off. It left my skin feeling silky soft, and to be quite honest ... for summer there would be no need to use an additional body butter at night it gives more than enough hydration.

It retails at R77.00 for 250ml (a bargain!!)

Would I buy this product again , yes! yes! yes!

Citrus Body Butter

This was a new experience for me as it is a solid Body Butter.The product contains Avocado Butter with it's plethora of Vitamins  A,E,B,G, this is complimented by essential oils including Ginger and Lemongrass.

It really is a solid in the container and once you have scooped a little into your hands it starts to warm into a soft buttery texture, however it is very reminiscent of a massage candle and therefore not really ideal for a quick 'grab n go' product.

I would most probably use this more in winter, and preheat the pot in warm water whilst I showered. Alternatively it would be a great balm to smear it on my feet , heels and elbows.

Honestly, it's not really a favourite of mine , I prefer more buttery/creamy textures ( sorry, Naturals Beauty)

No I would not buy this product again :(

As a whole I enjoyed the warm spicy fragrance , the easy to use packaging, the great value, budget friendly prices and I would recommend the great service too.