So previously I shared how fabulous my visit was to the new Kiehl's store in Cape Town and what the fabulous and insightful Tamsyn shared with me on the day. Afterwards I left and went on my merry little way with my samples in hand.

Here is what I was given and what I thought of the products ...
( Please excuse my photo but the lighting was shocking ...a little grace  ...ok much grace required )


A fresh and invigorating toner , great to aid the penetration
of the Day Cream.

Did I enjoy it? Yes

Would I purchase? No

** I am a splash off cleanser person and quite honestly to
lazy to use a toner. I would rather invest in something I would use.

                   ABYSSINE EYE CREAM

This is love , I love this product. It soaks right into the eye area
I could even apply it a second time. There is no oiliness just a
comfortable hydrated feeling.

Did I enjoy it? YES YES YES

Would I purchase it again , yes for sure!

** The sample is 5ml and trust me it goes very far

ROSA ARCTICA - with Resurrection Flower

This product I am somewhat unsure of whether i
like it or not? It was on one of my wishlists, so it
was great to get to try it however it is a buttery consistency which applies Matte and leaves the skin
feeling 'sort of 'nourished ? It smells like Cocoa Butter which is not unpleasant but I prefer a more moist feeling on the skin.

Did I enjoy it? Not sure :(

Would I purchase it again. No, not based on the sample


Again I love, love , love this serum. I applied it by patting
into my skin as instructed by Tamsyn (so as not to waste product on my hands and get max penetration). My skin felt fabulous!

Did I enjoy it? Heck Yeah ... bring me more!

Would I purchase again? In a heartbeat!

** only thing that bothered me is that the sample couldn't reseal,
with this being a serum it would oxidize quickly, there is enough for about 4 applications


Okay this one got spoilt because I've used the body butter before which has a definite buttery vanilla-ish smell. I found this a great body lotion but I like something that smells good too.

Did I enjoy it? Yes , I used it on my hands.

Would I purchase again? Not this product but rather the Body Butter from the same line for sure.

All in all it was a great visit and experience I still love the brand after 11 years and would recommend it for sure.

x x x H