So every now and then I get to meet a fabulous blogger whether she be a newbie or an oldie makes no difference to me .... I just love people and Thea is no exception.

Thea's Blog is called Madness Nails , to check it out - CLICK HERE

Thea is very talented and I just loved following her nail art for the MTV Nail challenge, which led me to approach her to do a fun spring /pink tutorial for my blog. Of course I was ecstatic when she agreed and wasted no time asking if she would like to do a Q & A Interview for me as well ... eeeeeek she said yes!

So here is getting to know Thea ......

If you could explain who you are in one sentence, what would you say?
I am a total geek head with a ridiculously weird sense of humor and still on the journey to learn to be comfortably me.

How would you best describe your blog?
A little space on the internet where I can share my passion with fellow lacquer lovers and nail art junkies.
Why nails?
It is a strange hobby, isn't it? And why not Zoidberg??...I'm just kidding! I've had plenty of hobbies before in my life. Beading, fashion design, herb gardening, embroidery, etc. Eventually I always grew tired of them! But nail art was the first hobby that I just wanted to know more and more about and I actually stuck to it! More than a year later, I still love it and my collection of nail polish keeps on growing!

Where do you find your inspiration from?
Literately anywhere and everywhere. When I see a print in a shop I like, I'll take a picture of it and give it a try when I feel like it. Sometimes I'll also have an idea in my head but when I sit down and put the colours together, a whole different idea will come forward and I go with that!
If you could name one person who has positively influenced your blogging journey, who would it be and why?
Heck, naming one specific person would be really hard because I have been influenced by so many amazing people, inside and outside of the blogging world. But that being said, my fiance is probably my biggest fan! He is constantly sharing my posts on his Facebook page, is always here with a positive attitude and will always be honest with me regarding my “art”. And man, the dude can push me sometimes! But in a good way! He keeps me on my toes! 

If you could paint anyone’s nails, who would you choose and why?
Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. He always looks so serious so I think a bit of glitter on his toes would really put a smile on his face. Ooooh, and some nice neons on his finger nails! ...nah, that would probably just get me killed. David Tennant probably. Just so I can get him to say “Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey...stuff” over and over again! Hmmm...sorry, I digress!

Name your 5 favourite nail brands?
China Glaze, Tip Top (Proudly South African!), O.P.I, Nubar and Sinful Colors. Zoya is almost in there but I only have two bottles so far so I'm keeping with the ones that I mostly have.

If you could share one valuable piece of advice for bloggers what would it be?
I myself am still a newbie so this is kind of hard. But a helpful tip I can give is to have a vault! A file that has at least 10 pre-written posts and photo's that are ready to go when you need them in a pinch! Life happens, whether we like it or not and once you fall behind, it is really hard to get back into the swing of things.

If you could only choose one of the following which would it be Cellphone, Ipad or Laptop?
My laptop. It would suck to not have my phone, but with a good internet connection you can conquer the world...or at least just use Skype!

It has been so awesome getting to meet new blogger and I can't thank Thea enough for sharing with us, and here is hint of the Nail Art Tutorial by Thea Adams to be posted tomorrow.

Stay tuned ....

  x x x H