I really celebrated along with all the other Beauty Bloggers when we heard Kiehl's were coming to South Africa. Then the disappointment set in, when Kiehl's first opened, they launched stores in Johannesburg, Durban and finally at the end of September in Cape Town at Edgars Canal Walk.

Having waited for so long with baited breath, I was elated when they launched. However it was on my birthday and so I never made it to the store that weekend. I did however march myself over this past weekend. So that I could share with you the fabulous store , the great products and also the unique policy that Kiehl's have ...' TRY BEFORE YOU BUY' , yes you read right! At Kiehl's you can try the products recommended for your skin in the form of fabulous samples before you actually invest in a skin care regime ..I love it!

Kiehl's were founded in 1851 , they are a family run business to this day and each store has a signature Harley Davidson out front ...unusual yes but very significant of the journey and testing of the product by the founding family.

The store was fabulous decorated and merchandised kinda like 'ANDY WARHOL meets olden day APOTHECARY'. Kiehl's are unique in not prescribing using skin type or age but rather 'skin condition' this means that that have great ranges that are all compatible and can be cross tasked at all times to suit your skin.

The lovely lady who helped me on the day I visited was Tamsyn Khalema , what a fabulous , friendly and passionate ambassador for this brand, She gushed all about the product , the family , how to use the product and so much more ... what a pleasure.

Tamsyn kindly prescribed my samples to try before I buy but you will have to wait for Part 2 to hear and see more about that.

Spoil yourself and drop in at a store nearest to you , what do you have to lose? Well nothing ...
** This is not a sponsored post.