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Dull , crepey , blotchy and dry skin for life!

It is so important to scrub the skin regularly in order to slough off the old dead skin , increase the skin circulation which in turn stimulates new skin production and healthy skin.

It also gives the skin a new lease on life ...smooth and radiant skin.

Did you know that if you don't scrub your face or body at least once a month you are wasting more than a third of your skin and body products?

Yes, It's True!
Having all the dead skin cells clinging to your body means that your product has to first hydrate the top DEAD LAYER , to get to the new and healthy skin underneath...

 Picture it ...
A garden in fall , all the leaves are lying on top of the grass and it begins to rain. If you push aside the leaves after the rain the grass underneath will barely be wet. Why? because of the layer of dead leaves covering the grass.'
That is exactly what happens with your skin , you see each little cell hangs on with a small glue like thread and this will only break loose with either ...

Usually scrubs that contain any of the following mechanical exfoliators
- Sugar
- Salt
- Microbeads of Walnut / Apricot / Coral
- Silica Spheres

 These scrubs are very effective and a popular choice for the body. 


The usually contain natural fruit extract and enzymes from the Aplle , Papya , PawPaw and Lemon

These are a popular choice for facial scrubs as they have a deeper exfoliating action and are gentle due to the lack of mechanical stimulation or scrubbing.

Exfoliation is a key step when trying to keep your skin looking young and healthy and it can be rather fun too with all the great texture and flavors/fragrances out there these days.


Exfoliation is vital if you are a regular user of self tan especially on the knees , elbows and ankles. It prevents color blotching in those dry rough areas and also helps to keep your fake tan looking fresh by continuously removing the dead and scaly looking skin.

Here are a few of my favourite brands ...