This the second part to my explorations into Oxygen Facials , the last questioned the research and results and I since come across another brand of Oxygen Facials that make far more sense ....

After recently publishing an article on oxygen facials and the lack of evidence and or research in regard to the benefits claimed, I have now come across another Oxygen Facial and this time the approach is slightly different.

QMS Medicosmetics are headed up by the owner/innovator and inspiration of the brand Erich Schulte. As far as I can see this oxygen facial has a dual benefit as follows …

1-      Working on the premise that the oxygen all around us is at a concentration of 21% on any given day the oxygen machine operates at an output of 98% a significant increase in concentrated oxygen.

How it works?

The oxygen machine takes the air that surrounds us, and converts it into a pure air form of oxygen at 98% concentration. This in turn is applied to the skin along with various skin care ingredients. The increase in oxygen is said to raise the energy of the skin cells and thus stimulates the cell functions which include the production of collagen and elastin.
Oxygen is naturally a strong anti-oxidant with great anti-bacterial properties making it invaluable for environmental damage to the skin, congested and acne prone skins.

** Understanding the anatomy of the skin I can see that this would work, and I can also support the logic behind the theory of this treatment. I have yet to experience such a facial, however I would personally  be open to try an oxygen facial based on the above claims.

2-      Working on the idea that applying oxygen directly to the lines and wrinkles will plump up the skin and the oxygen would aid the penetration of the products applied to the skin.

Here I have to be honest and say I remain dubious of this statement, sure I can see that the product s would be absorbed better (if we are speeding up the cellular functions) and I agree that the client will definitely experience a boost to the skin from this. However oxygen molecules are not ingredient transport facilitators or Nano-spheres, and therefore I cannot agree that they would assist in the penetration of products. I also feel that the plumping action will be a direct result of the application of the oxygen via the applicator and thus will be temporary and not really a claim to stand by …again these are my opinions.

** In my opinion, be realistic in your expectations and don’t expect miracles, enjoy the facial and you will have definite boost to your skin.

In conclusion, I would always recommend trying a treatment for yourself, go in with an open mind and do not expect miracles. Good skin takes loads of care, good products and regular treatments.

On reviewing the oxygen facial, if I was going to try one it would be the QMS Oxygen Facial.

QMS Oxygen Facial Retails @ R1250.00