Yes this is part 3 , I have already covered the Juice Beauty  CC Cream and the Nimue Colourscience Foundation in previous reviews.

Today I am going to be reviewing one of my all time favourite cosmetic brands FILORGA and their fabulous new Anti-Aging BB Cream called BB PERFECT.

I never imagined that my favourite brand Filorga would have a BB Cream and how wrong could I be , I was soon put on the straight and narrow when I came across a Tweet of theirs ...who knew? I didn't know that I would be so lucky as to get to review the Filorga BB Perfect for myself.

When my parcel arrived I could not wait to rip it open and see this fabulous gem that I was about to test , with it classic Filorga packaging of clean lines , modern and sleek yet still very much appealing appearance.

I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and I am amazed at the medium to full coverage you get from the product. It comes in a fabulous pump style dispenser which allows for minimal waste , keeps the product air tight to prevent contamination and gives you just the right amount of product.

I found with my rather chubby visage *tee hee* it takes 2 pumps. I love the feel of the product , it glides evenly and smoothly over the skin and does not leave a greasy residue. It gives great coverage for a BB Cream and makes your skin tingle all over as the ingredients work to create a radiant and even toned complexion.

Ingredients include:
- Corn Extract
which plumps up and fills those wrinkles/lines present ( however it is not Polyfilla peeps)
- Unisooth PN47 
containing two fabulous natural anti-inflammtories

This treatment is fabulous for after peels and facials and comes in two shades Radiant Beige and Golden Sand and includes a much needed SPF15.

Available in Filorga Salons only.
For more info CLICK HERE

Would I buy this product again? Yes definitely , it is the best of all the BB/CC creams I have tried to date.