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Rice is a staple food in many countries especially those located in the Far East but little is known about this versatile grain and how it is used in skin care & cosmetics today.

Let’s explore a little further some of the uses that I have found where rice is a key ingredient in Skin Care and Cosmetics. The three main actives that we are going to investigate are as follows Rice Powder, Rice Bran Oil and Kojic Acid.

Rice Powder in Cosmetics
Rice Powder has been used since the 16th Century by women in the East as part of their daily cosmetics routine. Rice powder is renowned for its soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties especially on Acne and Ulcer prone skins.

It is considered an emollient rich treatment, which also balances the skins natural Ph, protects and preserves the skins natural barrier known as the Acid Mantle.

It is used in the following:
Gentle Exfoliators
Finishing Powders
For Facial Blotting Papers

Rice Bran Oil in Cosmetics
Also know as Rice Bran Extract, this oil is very high in essential fatty acids which are both nourishing and anti-aging. Rice bran oil is packed full of anti-oxidants, Vitamins B and E. These ingredients provide natural protection from UV Rays and help to slow down the aging process.

Rice Bran oil is used in moisturizing products and as part of products making use of natural sunscreens.

Kojic Acid in Cosmetics
Kojic Acid is the byproduct of malting rice for use in sake. The main use of this ingredient is to treat hyperpigmentation in the skin such as dark spots, freckles; liver spots, in actual fact any areas that develop too much skin pigment or Melanin.

In addition to its skin lightening properties Kojic Acid is also classified as an Anti-oxidant which makes it great to fight the harmful effects of pollution. Kojic Acid is also a strong anti-bacterial agent and as such is used successfully to treat Acne and problematic skins as well.

It is used in the following:
Whitening Creams
Anti-aging Creams
Eye Creams
Facial Cleansers
Acne Preparations

** Please note that there has been some controversy over the long term effects of Kojic Acid and I would always recommend you consult a dermatologist should you have any concerns.
As an all rounder I would say Rice definitely provides us with some valuable skin care and cosmetic ingredients. Personally I feel more research also needs to done on the long term effect of Kojic acid on the skin and body.