I consider myself to be truly spoilt , recently Tanya from RAIN invited me to experience a treatment at their new RAIN SPA Cavendish (Claremont , Cape Town), never in a million years could I have imagined the most amazing treat that lay in store for me...

Once again I took along my ever faithful mumsy , we booked to have a treatment together in the 'couples room'. Now I must explain , the RAIN SPA is actually only 1 double treatment room with an en-suite shower ...but trust me it is the most amazing escape from reality you will ever find in the heart of retail surburbia.

Mumsy and I arrived the required 15 mins prior to our appointment and presented ourselves to the lovely ladies at the counter, upon which we were informed the therapists were prepping the room for our fabulous treatments. However the sales lady offered to  show us the retail ranges and explain a little about RAIN to us ... it was fabulous just listening to the lady's insight and passion about the brand (which pretty much echoes my own feelings about the RAIN brand , ethics and quality products).

Here are a few photo's I took before our treatment, as usual I could not resist ....

I  had booked myself in for the Elephant Walk Treatment and I booked mumsy for the Cocoon treatment (she can only have gentle massage as she has chronic arthritis and a spinal fusion), and so our journey begins...

The first therapist to introduce herself to us is Sylvia , she escorts us through into a dimly candle lit room that exudes a feeling of being in a safari tent, including the dry bush which greatly added to the atmosphere and authenticity of this therapy room. Sylvia then explains the treatments to us in a brief and thorough manner including a demonstration of the unique massage tools to be used in my treatment to simulate the 'Elephant Walk' ... see Sylvia demonstrating here....

PS. they had to switch the lights on for me to take photo's *tee hee* ever the blogger

What followed... I can only speak for myself (as mumsy drifted off into a soft snore she was so relaxed) when I say it was 'pure bliss'. 

From choosing my own unique massage candle blend to the soft soothing muscles being manipulated by my magical therapist Pelma, I was gently pummeled and then slowly rocked , interspersed by tapping with my unique massage tools ( this releases tension from the muscles at specific trigger points) and the grande finale was Pelma locating my secret stash of crystals(knots) under my shoulder blades and working them into submission.

Whilst being massaged we had signature music that accompanied each of our treatments playing in the background.

We were gently roused and again Sylvia very adeptly explained to us the fabulous little basket which is present as a gift ( not to take home) but with treats inside .. a little bottle of iced tea 'TO DRINK' , for me a strawberry ' TO TASTE', a little bottle of smelling salts 'TO SMELL' and a little gift for each of us to take home.

I felt like molten lava when Pelma was finished...all warm and fluid and soooooooooo relaxed (for a change). I loved my massage and I would recommend it to everyone. If you are going to have a spoil, make sure it is a visit not to be forgotten by inviting your bff  with you to this fabulous little SPA and share the love.

Mumsy couldn't stop praising Sylvia and the fact that she got mum to relax to the point of sleeping (seriously, mom is hypertense and ADD all rolled into one ).

See below ......and yes I would have loved to take it home *giggles*

I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone, as a person who has developed signature treatments myself...honestly you would be hard pressed to find such a unique and indigenous  treatment anywhere else.

Our treatments were R475 each

Thank you to all the ladies at RAIN SPA Cavendish Square for a truly special afternoon I will always treasure.