You know at first I wasn't going to write this post over fear of looking ridiculous reviewing such basic everyday essentials, and yet it is exactly these essentials that we ALL buy and would love advice on, so here goes ...

So today post is on Body essentials and more specifically ladies deodorants.

For me it is important to have a deodorant fragrance that does not interfere with my perfume , I need a deo that is going to perform 100% as an anti-antiperspirant as I am naturally a very hot person. In addition I am not the smallest of animals (tee hee) and I struggle with hormonal fluctuations so I am quite critical of these products.

Roll On Deodorants :

#1 - GARNIER - Mineral Even 48hr

This product looks great , smells great in the container BUT I as a person have honestly never smelt worse , I felt as if the product almost created the perspiration smell on both myself and my clothes. It definitely did not deliver on it's 48hr promise.I have never felt so self conscious.

** I will never buy this product again.

#2 - JOHNSON & JOHNSON - Sensitive - 24hr

This product is so easy to hold due to the shape of the container , it smells great both in the bottle and on me. It lived up to it's 24hr promise with no intrusive body odours. I love this product.

** I have already bought another one and I will be sticking to this brand until I get bored.

Spray On Deodorants :

#1 - NIVEA - Calm & Care - 48hr

I love the new matte finish look of the can , the fragrance is fabulous and it has a great spray applicator. This product stood up to it's 48hr promise and has become my new go to spray.

** I have already bought another can which I keep in my bag at all times

#2 - MUM 21 - Eastern Promise - 24hr

A really old fashioned shape spray can , with an old style spray applicator and heavy in the hand too. I accidentally dropped the can on the first day in my bathroom, and the lid shattered on the tiles ..eish! It offers an okay fragrance but definitely does not live up to it's 24hr promise. It's old bulky and not really effective.

** No , I won't be buying this deodorant spray again anytime soon.

So there you have it! Feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear from you.
xxx H