Massage candles became the buzz on everyone’s lips about 4 years back and I am happy to see that these fabulous treats are here to stay.
As a therapist and as a client, I have to admit that it is far nicer having a warm product applied to your body for massage, as opposed to a cold cream/liquid which gives you shiver’s from head to toe.

The hatchling massage candle comes packaged in glass and is a definite solid at room temperature; this indicates high levels of Natural Butters and Plant Waxes. The product has a soft aroma with hints of Mandarin and Rose oil providing a soothing, relaxing and calm environment . Mandarin is claimed to be one of the safest oils to use during pregnancy for water retention, whilst the rose oil assist in preventing stretch marks.

How to use a body butter/massage candle:

Firstly you do need to burn the wick in. Light the wick let the candle burn for 10-15min and then extinguish with damp fingertips. Let this cool completely before using the product again.

For massage:

-         - Light the candle and burn for approximately 15-20 minutes prior to use( this allows for enough molten product)
-          - Extinguish the candle with damp finger tips before pouring any product from the glass
-          - Proceed to either massage your tummy, legs , arms or even baby ( from 6months upwards)

This product is such a blessing to just soothe the skin and help ease the discomfort of skin stretching, sore muscles and or calming a niggly baby.

Now all you need to do is train hubby.

I will definitely invest in this product again and always keep a few on hand for the pregnant moms that come to me for massage.

** I even used this product on one of my clients who is breastfeeding.

** This was a sponsored product