"Hi my name is Heather and I am addicted to Hey Gorgeous Products , I have been known to sniff them in excessive amounts and I have been tempted to almost taste them in the past " 

If ever any of you have ever visited the Hey Gorgeous website you would know why I say nom ..nom..nom skin care.

With products such as Gingerbread Cookie Room Spray , Choc Mint Body Scrub , Raspberry Ripple Whipped Mousse do I really need to say more? 

This company delivers on their promises of fabulous , fun , fresh and preservative free Skin and Body products and I am a confirmed addict!


The product comes packaged in a crisp and clear transparent bottle with a fine mist  spritzer, it is a great sized product for the fabulous price of R65.00

The fragrance itself is to die for and reminds me of my grandma's ginger dumplings , it has warm and creamy undertones which linger and leave a room smelling warm and cosy all day.

I actually used this spray in my home salon to freshen up the room and also to freshen my clients feet when doing pedicures. They loved the yummy fragrance and often left my place feeling hungry ...tee hee.

Would I buy this product again? Yes , again and again and again ...

Hey Gorgeous use Fair Trade and Organic ingredients where possible , they do not test on animals ( unless their friends count as animals *giggles into hand*). They do not use preservatives and therefore you are recommended to use your products within 2 months of opening and purchase.

Give them a bash , you'll hate me for it but you'll love the products ...


Hmmmm ,what to buy?

Cappucino Hand & Body Scrub??
Coconut Body Souffle?
Chocnut Steamy Creamy Body Wash????

oh the choices ......