It seems that Nivea haven't quite learnt their lesson , in a recent ad campaign they were once again rapped over the knuckles for excessive airbrushing of a mature model representing Nivea's latest Anti-aging cream.

Nivea were first reprimanded back in 2010 for over editing an ad for the Q10 Plus campaign, and again they are choosing to misrepresent and mislead the general public. It makes my heart happy that the authorities have banned the advert campaign for the Nivea Vital Multi Active (Anti-Age cream) which features a highly retouched Cindy Jacobs who is in her 60's.

As a consumer I am highly offended that a company would set out to deceive me to the extent that the ad in question is actually banned .Not only have I lost faith in Nivea's brand but also their ability to achieve results through their product and/or any other claims they make.

A spokesperson from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had the following to say ...
"We concluded that the ad misleadingly exaggerated the performance of the product in relation to the claims 'anti-age'."

It is doubtful that the public will believe any claims this product now makes, and Nivea will seriously have to work on their credibility....again.